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BERG Toys GO² SparX 2-In-1 Pedal Go-Kart

BERG Toys GO² SparX 2-In-1 Pedal Go-Kart

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BERG Toys GO² SparX Pedal Go-Kart - Ages 10-30 Months

The well-known and award-winning BERG G02 is now available in 2 exciting and eye-catching colours. The GO2 SparX Yellow and the GO2 SparX Red. These bright colours are a great addition to the more subtle colours of Pink, Blue and Mint. The revolutionary GO2 is a unique combination of a push-car and a go-kart, in one. In the first phase, the GO2 is a well-designed push-car. Wide at the front for extra stability and narrow at the back so that the child can learn to scoot easily. In the first phase, the child learns how to sit, steer and scoot. In the second phase, the GO2 becomes a go-kart. Fold out the pedals and the child will learn to pedal. To ensure that the transition from scooting to pedalling is as easy as possible, the child's legs easily fit alongside the pedals, even when they are folded out. The long, textured saddle does not have to be adjusted; the GO2 simply grows with the child. Details such as the soft handles and whisper tyres add the finishing touches to the GO2.



  • Learn to scoot and pedal with the BERG GO². In short, 2 in 1!
  • 10-20 months; Thanks to its narrow rear design and folding pedals when tucked away, children quickly learn to scoot and steer.
  • 20-30 months; Ready for the next step? Fold down the pedals so that your child can learn to pedal.
  • Extremely stable thanks to the wide front. The narrow rear enables you to scoot easily.
  • The award-winning ergonomic design makes the GO2 an eye-catcher in the house.
  • Grows along with your child without having to adjust the saddle.
  • Silent whisper tyres to ride around quietly and which never go flat.
  • Supple and light to ride, both forwards and backwards, thanks to the ball bearings in the crank axle and rear axle.
  • Suitable for push bar; Help your child get started!
  • Suitable for a safety flag; the GO2 will be more noticeable.
  • Suitable for shoulder strap; Makes the GO2 easy to take with you.
  • Suitable for children aged 10-30 months.




Recommended Age Range 10-30 Months
Dimensions 25.6" L x 17.7" W x 17.3" H
Product Weight 8.5 lbs.
Weight Capacity 44 lbs.
Tire Material EVA
Parent Supervision Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Use Yes
TUV Certified Yes
CE Certified  Yes


  • Choking hazard - Small parts
  • Adult assembly required
  • This toy has no brake
  • Not to be used by children over 36 months due to insufficient strength
  • Keep the user manual for future reference
  • Adult supervision required
  • This product may not be used on public roads, hills, steps, sloped driveways or near swimming pools
  • This product has no brake
  • Not to be used by children over 36 months due to insufficient strength
  • This product is only to be used by children from 10 months up to 30 months
  • When used in public places (professional), the guarantee will expire if the product isn’t designed for use in public places. See warranty overview for details.
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