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Contours Journey 5-in-1 Baby Carrier - Twilight Bloom

Contours Journey 5-in-1 Baby Carrier - Twilight Bloom

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  • 5 carrying positions to grow with baby: Newborn,Facing In, Facing Out, Hip, and Back

  • Seat width adjusts as baby grows, and supports baby's legs and hips in a hip-healthy position as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

  • UPF 25, Hideaway Sunshade is extra-large for maximum coverage and is infinitely adjustable
  • A separate pocket, just for the sunshade, leaves you plenty of room to store your items in the two other zippered storage pockets
  • Cotton and jersey mesh provide for a comfortable fit, and since no infant insert is required for your newborn (8 lb), it means less extra padding and fabric, and more comfortable for you and your little one.


Care Instructions Machine wash; Line dry
Age Fits babies 8-45 lbs., No infant insert required
Newborn Position Carrier can be used in newborn position for babies starting at 8 lbs.
Seated Position Carrier can be used in the seated position once the baby's legs and hips loosen and knees drop lower to be level with their hips
 Face-Forward, Hip and Back Carry Carrier can be used in the forward-facing, hip and back carry position around 6+ months when hips and legs are more developed
Warranty 1 year

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