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Taga 2.0 Family Cargo Electric Bike - Duo Seater

Taga 2.0 Family Cargo Electric Bike - Duo Seater

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Taga 2.0 Family Cargo Bike - Duo Seater

The Taga 2.0 is the perfect family bike – Built with 3 wheels and can carry 2 children in the front cargo compartment!

Seated comfortably in the Taga Cargo, children are positioned in front of you, allowing them to explore the world together with you as you travel. Taga also offers many accessories to choose from and customize your Taga Bike, designing it specifically for your needs. It is a new way to be active and lead a sustainable and healthy way of life.

The Taga Electronic Kit Assist converts the manual pedal Taga 2.0 into an e-Taga. The Pedal Assist comes with one speed and a 250W electric-assist pack, allowing you to travel even faster than ever before with ease!

Whats Included In The Duo Seater Bundle:

1x Taga Bike 2.0 Model

1x Electric Kit (With Pedal Assist Package)

1x Frontal Cargo Compartment

2x Child Seats which fit perfectly in the cargo

2x Seat Padding Sets (In Blue, Green, Magenta, or Orange)

*The Taga Family-Cargo Bike Electric Kit Assist can be assembled at home or at any local bike repair store.*

*All Taga Bikes Require Assembly *

Why Taga Bikes Are So Great!


Dimensions with Basket 31" W x 76" L x 45" H
Dimensions without Basket 31" W x 65" L x 45" H
Bicycle Weight 49 lbs.
Basket Weight 11 lbs.
Maximum Weight: Driver 242 lbs.
Maximum Weight: Passenger First Child: 77 lbs. ; Second Child 55 lbs.
Maximum Basket Weight Capacity 154 lbs.
Minimum Height: Driver W/ Royal Canopy: 55" ; W/O Royal Canopy 61"
Maximum Height: Driver 6'6"

Minimum Age

Standard Seat: 6 Months; Car Seat: 2 Months
Minimum Age Standard Seat: 6 Months; Car Seat: 2 Months
Battery Charge Time 6-7 Hours
Battery Range 20-28 Miles

Other Specifications

Front Brakes Promax Disk brakes on both front wheels Fabric Recyclable polypropylene, polyethylene + foam
Rear Brakes
Shimano Nexus roller brake Seat-Back Position 6 inclination positions for a maximum of 160 degrees
Rear Brakes for E-Bikes
Promax disk brake Headrest Height adjustable in 6 different positions
Gears Shimano Nexus Inter-3 internal gearbox Motor 36V, 250W Rear Hub Motor
1 Seat Position Facing a parent or street facing Battery 36V 13Ah with Samsung cells, LCD display
 2 Seat Position The seat can be folded to maintain them clean. Two seat can be bounded between themselves. When they are bounded it is possible to transport the extra load on them. Maximum Speed 15.5 mph
Wheels Wheels 20’’, Kenda tires Harness
Extra-resistant 3-point safety harness, at 2 different heights
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